Although it might seem overwhelming, there really are only four steps to get you started on your way to confidently responding to an RFP from the US Government.

Ready?  Here we go.

First, you need to determine what your NAICS codes are (and, yes, you can have more than one)

The NAICS is the North American Industry Classification System. It helps categorize businesses for the government. It will help the government recognize what it is that you do.

Go to… and put in the keywords that apply to your business in the 2017 NAICS search.

It’s actually kind of fun – and makes you think outside the box as to what your capabilities are (always a good thing).

Next, register on

This might take a while – it has a lot of sections – but again, it is worth it.

You will need to have banking information and your NAICS codes.

Also, there will be some FAR (Federal Acquisition Regulation) Clauses referenced in there.

The FAR Clause Cheat Sheet by RFPrepared can help you determine what those clauses mean and what they mean to you.

Check out the FAR Clause Cheat Sheet on our site under Products.

It’s on sale right now for $149. It helps to have that peace of mind.

Then, start cruising around on

It’s best to create a search that narrows your options down and will send you updates.

This isn’t difficult to do – but it will take some focus.

It’s well worth it.

The last thing is to make sure any RFP you find interesting/applicable to your business – read the whole thing through.

It will be hard – there will be parts that you don’t understand, and there will be more of those pesky FAR Clauses.

RFPrepared has some simple tools to help you.

Check out the free SF (Standard Form) First Look on our site under Products. Familiarize yourself with what these forms look like and what to watch out for.

And, this is where the FAR Clause Cheat Sheet by RFPrepared really comes in handy.  There will be Clauses in the RFP that are included in the text, and ones that are only mentioned by reference.  You will be held responsible for what is in those Clauses either way, so you will be more confident if you know the specifics.

Of course, our staff at RFPrepared would be glad to help you read through that RFP.  Just let us know.

Four steps – that’s all – to get you started.

Ready?  Go!

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