About Us (Old)

Hi – Just a quick note before you read more about what RFPrepared does – the Response Matrix RFP response document management system is currently in Beta testing to make sure it is the perfect product for you.  Click here if you need to know what the heck the Response Matrix is – it’s a quick description.

 Please contact us if you have a dilemma with pulling all your response documents together, or would like to receive emails keeping you updated as to when the Matrix will be available. 

Ok, carry on….


We Can See the Look of Relief on Your Face from Here

RFPrepared came about as a result of our staff spending many years working in marketing and sales support with small companies.

Although these small companies were well-versed in what they did and could do for their potential customer – they struggled to put together a targeted response staff and stay up to speed with all the supporting documentation that was required to submit a response for an RFP.

This is when RFPrepared was born.

RFPrepared will not only assist you in determining what supporting documentation you need to have on hand, but where to keep it so you can find it again and how to make sure it is always updated and ready to go when you need it.

Also, because of our extensive experience with RFP work, we can provide you the manpower to support a point person for your RFP response, as well as assist in scanning through the RFP and creating a checklist of caveats to look out for and documentation to have on hand.

And check out the FAR Clause Cheat Sheet by RFPrepared.  Over 100 FAR Clauses defined in plain English – no hunting down the Clause and trying to decipher it.  All the information you need at your fingertips.

Contact RFPrepared today and let us help you with your peace of mind.