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RFPrepared is here to provide affordable, easy to use products to help small companies succeed.

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You are a small company that is very excited about their product and/or service.  You know that there are entities out there who will benefit from your existence.

And then, it appears – the perfect Request for Proposal (RFP).  It’s like they wrote the specifications directly from your playbook.  You scan through the requirements to submit a response, and your heart sinks.  What the heck is an EMR rate?  Can we even find our OSHA records?  When was the last time we updated any of our resumes – and where are they?  The hurdles you will have to jump before you can even get to the juicy “put a number in and show them what we can do” part seems insurmountable.

But, what if all this documentation was familiar, updated and at your fingertips?  How much time would that save you?  How much more time could you spend on putting together the right proposal?  How much would your confidence soar?  No need to worry about what documents are missing or where the last person who touched them stashed them.

And, what if you had the right team member in place, well-equipped with all the right tools to handle the response?

Success – right at your fingertips.

Founder & CEO

Kirsten Sandlin has experienced first hand the struggles small companies face when looking to respond to an RFP.   After many years in marketing and public relations for large corporations, she joined two small firms and ended up wearing many different sales and marketing hats.

As a result, she could clearly see the difference between those companies that were more organized, and those that had a hard time pulling it all together.  She created RFPrepared to give small companies that are already stretched thin a chance to let the rest of the world know what they can do.

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Terms of Service and Privacy Policy